Those of you who have Celiac or choose to be gluten free we all know how hard some days it can be difficult to stay Gluten Free.
Is anyone with me on this???

I know I’m first to admit this. The past few weeks at work I have been making Christmas cookies and they are not gluten free, it is hard not to be able to taste them when they are baking in the oven and they smell so good.
I went years being gluten free with no problem, but about one year ago I got another upper endoscopy just to check on things and it came out so good the gastro doctor asked me if I even had celiac. I thought that was funny when his practice was the one that diagnosed me 15 years ago. He said I am doing a great job being gluten free.
So when he said this I figured oh well maybe if I have a little gluten here a little there I will be ok. Well I was sure wrong, so about a few months ago I started getting sick. So I stopped eating gluten again and now I feel much better and realize it is not worth going off your gluten free diet.

Does anyone else feel like this where they struggle?
I would love some feed back about this topic!