Hello, my name is Christine and I’m from New York. I am a Chef and a mother of two boys.
I’m 39 years old I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 15 years ago. That was just about the stone ages when this disease barely existed.
I was sick for months and I just kept eating bread and pasta what any person would eat when your stomach is upset.
So I finally went to see a doctor, so funny story told the doctors wanted to diagnose me with (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome and send me on my way. But I already had in the past IBS and these symptoms were sure different. I was sick for months and lost 30 pounds my ankles were swelled up like a balloon and everything I ate never stayed in.
So finally I found a doctor that dug deeper and did the necessary tests and diagnosed me with Celiac Sprue Disease.

It was the most devastating news I ever got in my life. So of course I was like what the hell is that, what’s gluten??
I was always fine all my life gluten was never an issue. I even went to culinary school for three years and never had a problem.
At the time in my life I got sick I was in a really bad place in my life and was under severe emotional stress. So to my surprise when my doctor diagnosed me she had said substantial amounts of stress in a persons life can bring out this disease in your body.
So being in a career already as a Chef and being diagnosed with this, sure was not easy. Over the long haul I have learned to live and cook gluten free.