I was reading this article I found this morning on how gluten can impact your brain function for those of us with celiac disease. Can you even imagine that, I can’t believe it myself.

They speak about a father and son who actually experienced these symptoms. The range of symptoms can be from fogginess and inattention to actual damage seen on scans. They also spoke about how sometimes you may eat foods that you think might be gluten free and there are still traces of gluten in them. (For example if you eat out and cross contamination) They call this accidental glutening. If your immune systems detects the presence of gluten, which is a common protein found in wheat, barley and rye products, they go into attack mode, inflaming and damaging the lining of your intestine.
Always remember that some celiac’s are more sensitive then others with this disease.

In some cases of accidental glutening in people with celiac occasionally experience brain fog or foggy brain which features a temporary inability to think clearly and perform tasks. Even though you are trying to stay on a gluten free diet you may feel thick headed and groggy, there should be no lasting damage once the protein (gluten) is cleansed from your system.
There is still research and studies being done about why this happens.
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