In relation’s to my last blog about “brain fog” and “gluten”, I think that information definitely says a lot I can surely relate to that.

There are days when I sure feel like my brain is just in a fog and I never new quite why. I would joke with my husband and say I had a really rough day with the kids and blame them for me not remembering things.
I would be doing one thing and start another and say oh I need to do that and go to do that and not even remember I started it. Or days where I just feel so overwhelmed and just don’t do anything. The best is when someone is telling me a story and I can even feel like my brain is not there and I am trying so hard to focus and it feels impossible.
To know this is a relief off my chest. Some days just feel like a blurr to me.

I can not believe how gluten can harm your body like this when you have celiac disease.

Does anyone else ever experience any of this?
Would love for you to share.