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Has anyone tried this brand of brownie mix?
They are delicious, they taste like the real thing I swear honestly they do. And No glutino is not paying me to advertise this, it’s just my honest opinion. I bought the mix at Whole Foods Market. I just started using this brand of gluten free products and they were really yummy soft and moist.

I remember using in the past Betty Crocker they offer a small line of gluten free products and they had a brownie mix also that was really good, but I have not been able to find it lately anywhere. So I am real glad I found this, well I should say my mom actually found it for me and gave me a bunch of glutino products as part of my Christmas gift. That was very nice of her. Thank you mom if your reading this. When I made my gluten free brownies for myself I had to make sure I made the regular brand of brownies for my kids, cause yes I did not want to share mine.
So they enjoyed there’s and I enjoyed mine.