This is for anyone who thinks you may have celiac disease because you get sick from eating gluten, so you just stop eating gluten all together and after a while all your symptoms go away.
Then you may decide to go see a gastrointestinal doctor to get tested for celiac disease.
Your test results may show up that you do not have celiac and no signs of celiac in your intestines at all.
Due to the fact that all the gluten has left your body.
So it appears that there is nothing wrong with you.

My suggestion is don’t wait long just get tested so you are positively sure you have celiac or not, so in the long run you do not have to put your body back through all that sickness your body goes through when you do eat gluten.

Studies have shown that people who do not get tested do not know whether they’re at risk for complications of celiac including osteoporosis and malnutrition.

So try not to undergo a gluten challenge, because you may have heard to stop eating gluten (go gluten free),
because you believe it might be a healthier way to eat.

Get tested first and then you can decided if you want to stay with a gluten free diet cause it is a healthier way of eating.