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GMO stands for genetically modified organism. It is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.
Gmos are plants or animals that have undergone a process where scientists alter their genes with DNA from different species of living organisms, bacteria, or virus to get desired traits such as resistance to disease or tolerance of pesticides (ex:Round up).

Question are GMOs responible for us Celiacs??

Wheat and GMOs:
Gluten intolerance is no longer a fringe medical concept. Researchers are fully aware there is a very big problem with modern wheat cultavation. Wheat is far from being a health food. It makes you gain weight, causes gas and makes your intestinal tract your enemy. Genetically modified varieties of wheat are making this one cereal grain you’ll probably want to axe from your food list.

The wheat products sold today are nothing like the wheat products of our grandmothers age, very different from the wheat of the early 20th century.

Plant breeders change wheat in dramatic ways. Once more than a four feet tall modern wheat the type grown in 99% of wheat fields is now a staky two foot tall plant with an unusally large seed head. To accomplish this it involved crossing wheat with non wheat grasses to introduce altogether new genes, using techniques like irradiation of wheat seeds and embryos with chemicals, gamma rays and high dose xrays to induce mutations.

The three proteins that were discovered to be the problem for celiacs are w-5 gliadin (wheat), g-3 hordein (barley) and g-secalins (rye). These proteins are proven to cause allergic reactions and are derived from gluten grains.

Genetically modified foods such as soy and corn may be responsible for a number of gluten related maladies including intestinal disorders now effecting 18 million american’s.

GMOs are found in soy, corn cotton (oil), canola (oil), sugar from beets, zucchini, yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya and alfalfa.
It’s Bt toxin in genetically modified foods which kills insects by puncturing holes in their cells.
The toxin is present in every kernal of Bt corn and survives human digestion with a study done in 2012 confirming that it punctures holes in human cells as well.

So are GMOs responible for us celiacs?
It is definetly possible there is research and studies still being done.

Play it safe watch what you choose to eat!