Does anyone out there other than myself experience this since being diagnosed with celiac?

Digestive problems can be a big issue with gluten.

Sometimes I have days where I feel so bloated and no matter what I eat it makes me feel worse.
I hate that just eating greens makes you have digestive problems alone. Especially when salads look so good.

I remember just a little over a year ago I was experiencing gallbladder problems. I starting having gallbladder attacks they were so bad. So I followed through with doctors they performed quite a bit of tests before they found out that my gallbladder just was not functioning enough. No sludge or gallstones just only working 7 percent out of the 50 percent it should be working.

I love what the doctor said to me, well you can live with your gallbladder like this but it does not work much,
or you can have it taken out.
So I decided to have it out, who can live with having gallbladder attacks every week. They feel like you are actually having a heart attack. Not a pleasant feeling.

After the surgery I had asked my doctor if me having celiac disease could have any part in my gallbladder not working properly. The only answer I got was its possible.

So I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced any gallbladder problems who have celiac and are gluten intolerant?

Please share your experience: