cocokey 009

I tried this pizza crust last week, it was my sons birthday party and guess what, yeah he wanted a pizza party.
Just like most kids want. So I said ok now I would like to have pizza as well. Would like to feel like part of the party.

There is this pizza place across the street from me and they have gluten free pizza and its $11.00 for a 10 inch pizza
and the last time I ordered it and took it home it was all burnt. Not a good experience. So I wont be going there anymore. Domino’s pizza offers a gluten free pizza, but that’s the thing its not for celiacs. Due to cross contamination of gluten.

So I was at the supermarket and came across this gluten free pizza crust by schar and it was pretty good it comes with two 10 inch pizza crusts and it was only $9.99, I thought that was a pretty good deal considering the price of one pizza at the pizza places are double the price. I have to say it was very good, a nice and thick crust not like most gluten free pizzas you get at the pizzeria where they are always very thin.

So I was happy I got to eat my pizza as well.