Do all Restaurants and Caterers do Gluten Free Half Ass?

This is a perfectly good question.

To everyone marketing and offering gluten free dishes.

-either you offer gluten free or you do not.

-you care about the health of your customer/clients or you do not.

-either you take the time to truly learn what it means to create gluten free dishes or you do not.

-either you do your absolute best to keep us safe or you do not.

There is no middle ground not for either of us.

Food for thought:

So think about it when you offer your next client/customer a gluten free meal.

Make sure your facility has a gluten free area.

The work area and equipment should be cleaned before the use of gluten free cooking starts.

Make sure you do not use the same water you used for regular pasta to cook gluten free pasta in.
(change the water)

Use different tools and knives and clearly mark them just for gluten free cooking only.
So servers and cooks know what to use for G/F foods.
This way they properly handle things and don’t get mixed up or contaminated.
Always change your gloves.

My recommendation having celiac myself, if the customer/client is severely sensitive to gluten do not serve them.

It may not be worth the risk for your business and even the customer/clients health.