The latest Olive Garden is offering gluten free dishes.

I gave them a call the other day and hears what happened.

First I should say the first person who answered the phone was the hostess, and when I asked her some questions she did not know the answers.
(In my professional training in this field the most important person is the person who answers the phone, they should be trained enough about everything so they do not disappoint the customer.)

So she politely handed the phone to the supervisor who was able to answer my questions.

I said to her I hear you offer gluten free food now.

First question was do you have a separate kitchen area?
Her answer was No
Second do you use separate utensils and plates for gluten free foods.
Her answer no we do not.
Third is the staff trained properly to handle gluten free food so no contamination happens?
Her answer No

She said the gluten free dishes we now offer are:
We have a separate gluten free menu.

So she said she only new all these answers because she has a gluten free allergy herself.
She was never trained for these questions.

The woman actually said to me that if you are Celiac you should not eat here.

So now its up to us celiacs to make this decision on where it is safe to eat when it comes to all these restaurants that are starting to offer gluten free meals.