Ingredients: serving for 4

-3 pcs. chicken cutlets
-6 eggs scrambled
-1 cup of sliced mushrooms
-1 1/2 cups cornstarch
-salt and pepper to taste
-onion powder to taste
-garlic powder to taste
-marsala wine
-3 bowls empty
-frying pan

Filet the chicken and then cut each piece in half.
Set your bowl’s put filet chicken in one, place cornstarch in another.
Take the egg mixture and pour it on the chicken. Take the cornstarch and season it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste. Pour some oil in frying pan enough to cover the bottom and get hot.
Mix the eggs with the chicken and coat the chicken. Dip the chicken in the cornstarch and coat both sides then take it out and put into hot frying pan. Brown both sides and then pull out and put on cookie sheet. The chicken should be fully cooked.

Now the yummy sauce for it!

Marsala Sauce
-2 TBS Butter
-1 1/2 TBS beef base or 4 bouillon cubes
-1/4 cup marsala wine
-2 TBS cornstarch
-1 1/2 cup of water
-1 cup of sliced mushrooms
-2 TBS chopped parsley

Take a small pot melt butter and beef base (or bouillon). Add in mushrooms and sauté them. Then add wine and simmer a minute. Add water and bring to a boil taste it see if it needs any more wine, or base. You should be able to taste the wine but not over powering. Put the cornstarch in a measuring cup and add just a little water to it and mix it up to make a slurry with a spoon. Bring sauce to a boil and take a whisk and slowly little at a time pour in the slurry cornstarch in to the sauce to thicken it. Let simmer a bit then check it to see if its thick enough should coat back of spoon and then its done.

Place chicken on plate and pour some sauce over it and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

And Enjoy!