I was reading an article the other day, which I thought was pretty interesting and thought I would share some information.

Organic has been seeing a decline on restaurant menus, while gluten free has been increasing by 200 percent founded in a news report on the status of dining.

Offering organic on restaurant menus has decreased by 28 percent between 2010 and 2013.

In response to the continued popularity of the gluten free diet and lifestyle analysts report a 200 percent increase in the appearance of gluten free claims on american restaurant menus in the same period accounting for 40 percent of the total growth in ingredient nutritional claims.

The reality is organic foods are quite expensive and consumers are looking for alternative claims to help them determine what other types of menu items are safe and of good quality to eat.

So maybe this is a good thing for us Celiacs that society is going through this gluten free fad, as long as we play it safe to those of us who are not so sensitive to gluten, we have more choices to dine out at restaurants, because they are offering gluten free on their menus.