I came across this article today, about a second grader who has celiac disease. She can not even ingest a low gluten communion host, because it is made with wheat. If ingested it can make her very sick. The church actually told her they could not substitute the host for a rice wafer. The parents declined the option of allowing there daughter to drink the sacramental wine instead, because she is to young for that. The diocese says the church has been pastoral in making alternatives available to the parents, but at some point the child must take the body and blood of Jesus otherwise they will have denied Christ.

This poor little girl was so upset when she had her communion rehearsal and the whole class got the host and she did not. It broke her mothers heart.

The solution from the church was that instead of the wafer or wine she will be given an act of spiritual communion prayer card.

I could not believe this, when I was reading the article to imagine what that poor family is going through. I myself have a child who just received his first holy communion I could not of imagined experiencing this. I know my church for a fact has gluten free wafers for us celiacs. I receive them myself when I attend mass.